CaRter Thomas Jones



    Carter turned 5 on November 26, 2012.  He’s in pre-school Monday - Friday while Mommy and Daddy are at work.  He is in swimming on Monday and Wednesday nights.  Some of his favorite movies  and programs include Scooby Doo and various Disney Classics.

    Carter loves playing with trucks and cars and is CRAZY about playing games.  Some of his favorite board games include Trouble (Star Wars version), Kids Monopoly and of course Candyland.  During the past several months, Nerf guns and bullets have been introduced.  We have gone from a house of “no weapons” to a house that has a whole “weapons box” -- go figure!   Oh, and we can’t forget the joy of WRESTLING!  Wrestling on the sofa with daddy is a must-do event every evening.  

    Carter enjoys playing with his friends at school and in the neighborhood.  Playing in costumes and general running around top the list of favorite activities with friends.

Picking one word to describe the Carter who is now 5  . . . “crazy”.  Carter is passionate about a lot of things.  When he really likes something he says “Mom, I am crazy about X”. 

Carter is crazy about games, crazy about chocolate, crazy about the solar system, and generally just crazy about life!

Around our house CRAZY is a good thing!

A day in the Life of “C”


These photos are by Jo Hilton